Special Services

As we continually strive to meet the needs of our clients, Page & Jones, Inc. offers a wide range of additional services that pertain to global logistics.

Transportation Consulting

Let our team help to improve customer service by developing cost-effective solutions for your supply chain, warehouse, and distribution challenges.

  • Freight charge accuracy
  • Freight cost per unit
  • On-Time shipping percentage
  • Supply Chain Cycle Time
Educational Services

Depending on the topic, we collaborate with representatives from other authorities such as government agencies, financial institutions, insurance underwriters, and Customs/Maritime attorneys to assist in our “in house” workshops/seminars/webinars. These can be designed specifically for your company to cover the following areas and more:

  • Basics of Importing
  • Basics of Exporting
  • Harmonized Tariff Classification Training
  • Letters of Credit
  • Incoterms
  • Import Compliance
  • Export Compliance
CTPAT Consulting

CTPAT (Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) is a program designed to form a partnership between U.S. Customs & Border Protection and U.S. companies that work in international trade. Through this joint partnership between government and the trade sector, U.S. companies make a voluntary commitment to improving the security of their international supply chains in return for a smoother overall import entry process. The primary incentive of CTPAT is to reduce and/or quickly resolve the usual issues that can interrupt the flow of your supply chain. To certain certified members of the CTPAT program, CBP offers the following benefits:

  • Reduced number of CBP inspections
  • Front of the line inspections
  • Access to the FAST lanes at Canada/Mexico borders
  • Shorter wait time at borders
  • Assignment of a CTPAT Supply Chain Specialist (SCSS) who works with the company to validate and enhance security throughout the international supply chain
  • Eligibility to attend CTPAT supply chain security training seminars
  • Access to CTPAT web-based portal system and library of training materials
  • Priority consideration at CBP’s industry-focused Centers of Excellence and Expertise

However, the planning and implementation process can be challenging for an importer to handle independently. This is where Page & Jones can assist our clients by creating dependable processes and procedures that address the minimum security criteria that are the foundation of the CTPAT program. On behalf of our client we can:

  • Assist in the application process
  • Advise on writing/creating the security criteria
  • Perform an assessment to identify gaps
  • Conduct an audit on current/future CTPAT processes

Contact us about getting you enrolled and staying compliant within the CTPAT program.