Ship Agency / Chartering

Page & Jones has been providing ship agency services since the company’s inception in 1892. This long tradition of services for vessel operations has evolved from our founding, through the operation of our own vessels for the War Shipping Administration prior to the Great Depression, to our current position combining the benefit of long experience and long-standing relationships with the latest technology.

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Whether a vessel owner, charterer, operator, importer, exporter, or cruise line, Page & Jones has experience in providing full vessel services to a diverse customer base.  Whether the vessel is refrigerated, bulk, heavy-lift, general cargo or passengers on vacation, our experienced team of agents is dedicated to providing professional, personalized service for every vessel every time.

Page & Jones range of services cover every phase of your port call, including, but not limited to:

  • Pre-Entry Services
  • Coordinate pilots, tugs, and line handlers for arrival and departure
  • Arrange or coordinate stevedores and communicate with terminals as needed
  • Submit necessary documentation for entry and clearance into port
  • Compliance to all U.S. government requirements in-house (US Customs, AES, USCG, ENOA, ENOD)
  • Handling spares, transportation, customs clearance and delivery
  • Documentation Services
  • Bills of Lading
  • Cargo Manifests / Declarations
  • Certificates of Origin
  • Statement of Facts / Port Logs
  • Notice of Readiness
  • Protest Letters
  • Notary services
  • Comprehensive documentation for account disbursement to financially responsible parties
  • Port Services
  • Continuous communication with all parties of all matters pertaining to port call
  • Coordination of crew changes
  • Crew medical arrangements
  • Crew transport as needed
  • Cash to master
  • Coordinate provisions and supplies
  • Bunkering coordination
  • Supervision of inspections and surveys
  • Emergency management
  • Coordination of ship repairs
  • Coordination of waste removal
  • Negotiate financial terms with vendors and service providers to minimize costs

In addition to all of the above, Page & Jones proactively seeks to identify business opportunities for our Vessel Agency customers through our Sales and Marketing efforts.

Ocean Charter Arrangements

Some bulk, break bulk, and containerized cargo demands a more dedicated type of ocean service, and that’s when we look to chartering options.  Our team can save time and money for the client by finding the best vessel based on availability, location, cost, etc.  Page & Jones will assist our client in negotiating the most favorable terms possible to get the job done the right way.