Duty Drawback

What is Duty Drawback?

Duty Drawback is a program of U S Customs which allows for the potential recovery of customs duties on imported merchandise or articles manufactured from imported merchandise that is either exported or destroyed.

How Much Can You Recover?

U S Customs regulations allow for recovery of up to 99% of duties paid on qualifying imported merchandise.

Who Qualifies for the Program?

The program is designed for the following categories:

  • Manufactured goods subsequently exported
  • Unused imported merchandise
  • Rejected imported merchandise
Duty Drawback Services Offered by Page & Jones

The Duty Drawback department of Page & Jones has extensive experience in all categories of the program.  Our qualified staff can assist you with:

  • the analysis of imported merchandise and qualification for the duty drawback Program
  • the application process with U S Customs as a duty drawback filer
  • the filing of duty drawback claims, including certificate of manufacturing transfers